United Pro Wrestling

United Pro Wrestling professional wrestler and personal trainer provided positive feedback regarding Clean Energy by Coconut Groove.

With his knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition in mind, he noted that the product is actually great for post exercising. After consuming Clean Energy by Coconut Groove, the health professional was pleasantly surprised that his energy levels remained elevated even two hours after exercising.

The product was also particularly good for hydration and helped replenish depleted glycogen and carbohydrate levels. In fact, he noted that the ingredients are “spot on” to consume post workout.

The professional wrestler will definitely have this product again, would drink it regardless of exercise and would be happy to recommend to a friend and other industry health professionals.

Key points:

  • Good for post exercising
  • Kept energy levels elevated even after two hours of exercise
  • Ingredients are “spot on” to have post workout
  • Great for hydration and to replenish your depleted glycogen and carbohydrate levels
  • Yes, would have again and recommend
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