Neil Collie – Man With a Mission

Seven years ago 42 year old Neil woke one morning with his left side numb. Sharon his wife rushed him to Nambour Hospital fearing an impending stroke.

Neil is in no doubt Sharon saved his life.

Neil received new clot-busting treatment along with rehabilitation. It was six months before Neil felt comfortable with his life. His near-death experience along with another minor stroke and heart attack gave Neil an appreciation for life, another chance.

Neil became diet aware, began exercising, losing weight and building his physical and mental strength.

Over time he began trail running and is currently a volunteer with Run Queensland, a Sunshine Coast trail running group, then competing in events, last year completing the Blackall 100, a one day 100klm run.

Neil competes not only for personal achievement but also to raise funds for charity.

I first met Neil Collie at the end of his morning jogging session, 7.00am one very cool Glasshouse-Mountains morning in May 2017. I had no idea who he was, he had been referred by a friend. He came across as mild-mannered and passionate about improving his health and wellbeing and helping others achieve the same.

As we chatted, Neil’s story unfolded, along with his intention in June to run in the gruelling 250klm Big Red Run in the inhospitable Simpson Desert.

I was about to release “Clean Energy” as its name implies, a new pure, natural, coconut water based, chemical and additive free, rehydrating, high energy drink onto the market.

I had been formulating the drink for over two years, testing each new batch on             International, National and local athletes. My aim was to produce a high performance energy drink without added sugar or other crap that most energy & sports drinks currently on the market are laced with.

I wanted to produce a drink for those who value both their mental and body health, preferring an additive free beverage. I have achieved this with an Australian and possibly world first with the coconut water based “Clean Energy”

I gave Neil a couple of cartons to try, he said he would try it that night during his workout at Jamie Milne Training in Warana.

I received the following email from Neil the next morning.

OMG – The energy drink is incredible.

3 people asked me what I was on last night as my energy level was so strong.

I think this is the thing I have been waiting for. The difference that I need to get me over the line.

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Can I get my hands on some more product so I can up my training.

Thank you so much.




In June Neil competed in and was the first man over the line in the 150klm Little Desert Run.

Neil’s next goal is to compete alongside his wife Sharon in the 2018, 250klm Big Red Run.

Neil is Manager for Jets Nambour.

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