AUSTRALIA’S FIRST coconut water based natural, electrolyte-rich,
re-hydrating, high performance energy drink giving

The 2017 release of Clean Energy in Australia is the result of over two year’s research, development and rigorous trialing.


The simple but unique concept of a clean, chemical free and 100% non-toxic energy drink grew from several years of producing Coconut Groove – a 100% pure, premium, young, green coconut water, which in itself is an “energy” drink capable of sustaining day to day physical and mental needs.


Consumed on its own, however, Coconut Groove cannot deliver the extra “punch” and sustained energy release necessary for those engaged in high energy draining, physical or mental activities. Clean Energy is literally a clean source of energy without caffeine, guarana or other unhealthy additives.


The typical stimulant laden drinks on the market might deliver the consumer a fast (but false) sense of heightened energy, before crashing down just as quickly, requiring another “fix”. Inevitably an unhealthy cycle of stimulant dependence is created.


The Clean Energy “boost” is typically experienced about 45 minutes after consumption, and can help maintain and support an optimum energy release over several hours, depending on the intensity of the performance or energy levels required.

During trials, an unexpected benefit became apparent. Apart from athletes’ heightened performance levels, office workers and managers, after drinking just one can of Clean Energy while working under stress or pressure to perform optimally or meet commitments on time, gained increased mental clarity and endurance, enabling them to work well past their normal “burn out” time.


This revelation showed us that Clean Energy can be just as beneficial for all manner of non-sportspersons; e.g. students undergoing stressful exams/late night study, business executives expected to maintain peak mental clarity throughout the day, long haul interstate truck drivers, etc. 


Clean energy contains 100% pure, young, green, organically grown coconut water with all its re-hydration and electrolyte benefits and contains certified organic maltodextrin from tapioca, which is the primary slow release energy source. Pure Himalayan salt is then incorporated, which, unlike processed salt, stabilizes blood pressure, aids water re-hydration into body cells, and contains a plethora of essential minerals. Finally, fresh (not from concentrate) squeezed lime juice is blended in to deliver a vibrant, delicious taste.


Clean Energy, being 100% natural, contains no preservatives or other additives. 


There has been no compromise throughout its formulation and development; only the finest premium quality ingredients are used in this beverage to ensure the consumer experiences the best possible fusion of health, vitality, superb taste and a naturally induced and totally sustained energy release.


We believe Clean Energy is an historic Australian (and possibly world) first in this all important sector of the beverage market. We are proud and excited to release Clean Energy, and look forward to unleashing one mighty big Aussie love affair with this Fair Dinkum Bottler of a drink!


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Available from Dan Murphy’s Online. Delivered freight free, anywhere in Australia that Australia Post delivers.


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